1.  Are there some recommendations for planning of digitisation projects, selection criteria, the digitization processes, etc?

As we work with inventory and updating of the recommendations on digitisation, we advise you  so long to take notice of the recommendations on digitization that has been developed in the European project MINERVA "Best practices handbook (2004) and that is widely used in digitization projects throughout Europe. Handook and more about good practices in digitisation by the MINERVA project can be found here.

2.  Are there any common terminology models for the cultural heritage institutions?

There is a clear need for a common terminology framework on digitisation of cultural heritage sector. Questions about what is really meant by various terms rises up all the time. In order to achieve a more strategic overview, it is crucial to have a common conceptual model for cultural heritage institutions. Currently we are giving priority to work with a conceptual modeling for the digital cultural heritage. The goal is to agree on a common terminology framework and the hierarchical structure of the central concept in discussions about digitisation, digital access and digital preservation.

3. What are the recommendations for the more specific technical issues such as standards and formats for different types of digital material?

To get answers to technical questions about standards, formats, etc., we we rocemmend to take note of the technical recommendations of the MINERVA project "Technical Guidelines for Digital Cultural ContentCreation Programmes" from 2008 which provides information on formats and standards that are appropriate for different types of materials.

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